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Accounting, Decision Making and Financial Communication

Tre Canns



When it comes to the running an organisation, the accounting department plays a noteworthy role in the management and recording of many of the organisation’s financial matters. If an accounting department is able to accurately and efficiently aggregate all information regarding its respective organisation’s financial health, it can enable the organisation to make many important financial decisions based on the information. It also helps in improving financial communication between the organisation and any other relevant persons, such as stockholders. In our course for Accounting, Decision Making and Financial Communication, we provide the necessary training for individuals to be able to understand how accounting as a whole works, as well as the significance of its role in both decision making and financial communication.

In order to have a full understanding of the topics covered in our training, it is first pertinent to discuss each topic respectively. To begin with, the term ‘accounting’ refers to the collection, recording and maintenance of financial data pertaining to a business or organisation. Those that work within an accounting department are responsible for organising and observing this financial data, before compiling it into financial statements that are designed to more concisely convey all information regarding an organisation’s financial health, and any relevant cash flow. 

Once the company’s financial stability has become clearer via the findings in its financial statements, important business decisions regarding aspects such as spending, budgeting and investing can be made by the organisation. This decision making relies heavily on the findings presented in financial statements, as it essentially presents the organisation with an understanding of which financial decisions are viable or unviable. Alongside, both stockholders and analysts are also able to make decisions regarding the valuation of an organisation, based on the findings in its respective financial reports.

Finally, the way in which this financial information is both communicated and presented to stockholders and analysts is of the utmost importance. This is referred to as ‘financial communication’, is the means by which organisations present the financial value of their company to both present and potential stockholders, as well as within the realm of general public relations, to an extent. Organisations require strong methods of financial communication as it not only allows them to guard any existing value that the company holds, but may also serve to bolster it somewhat, for example through the increase of stock prices.

By following the training provided in our courses, individuals will attain a more profound knowledge and understanding of many aspects pertaining to accounting, financial decision making and financial communications. Our training specialises in teaching how accounting information is collected and analysed to support effective financial management and decision making techniques, as well as how individuals can more effectively utilise the skills and approaches essential for good accounting. Individuals that take part in our training will also acquire an understanding of how best to conduct any report that takes place within accounting, as well as strong methods for both budget forecasting and financial communications.

To conclude, accounting is an essential part of an organisation’s operations for a variety of reasons. Without a strong accounting department that can accurately present financial information and forecasts, not only is it impossible to determine what financial decisions should be taken, it also becomes extremely difficult to engage in financial communications with both existing and future stockholders. Ensuring that one’s accounting department can function both effectively and efficiently, it will not only provide the organisation with more optimised method of operations, but will also bring new grounds with a greater understanding of its own financial health.

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