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Business English Skills

Tre Canns



Within professional environments such as one’s place of work, communication skills are an indispensable tool for both success and progression. Alongside this, global markets and businesses are becoming more prevalent throughout every corner of the world, with many different companies and organisations needing to increase their communicative abilities in order to successfully do business with other professionals. 

With English being one of the most prominent languages for business on the planet, it is therefore unsurprising that it is of the utmost importance to be able to utilise the English language for communicative purposes in business. Our training courses on Business English Skills are designed to provide participants with the English language skills they need to become an effective and prominent part of the contemporary global market place. 

Business English in itself refers to the English language when utilised in regards to various different aspects of business as a whole. Business English is a necessity for anyone wishing to work as a professional in the global marketplace, due to the number of different terminologies and vocabularies that hold a heavy importance in the field of business, as well as certain circumstances during which one may need to use business-oriented English. Business English is also essential for taking part in some of the day to day operations of the workplace; this may include engaging in presentations and negotiations with both colleagues and external professionals alike. 

Another important application of Business English would pertain to the various situations in which one needs to communicate with clients from vastly different locales would require a common language, or lingua franca. English is considered to be the world’s lingua franca and thus, remains at the forefront of global business. Therefore, being able to utilise it would not only allow one to work with other businesses around the world, but would also allow for one to work in different environments and businesses globally also. Maintaining a knowledge of Business English also allows for one’s respective business to appeal to different audiences and potential consumers in a variety of different locations.

Our training courses on Business English Skills are based on instructing attendees on the best practices necessary for communicating with others in business-oriented situations, as well as how to successfully express oneself in the English language with a high degree of fluency, accuracy and confidence. Through a series of different exercises and role plays, and by focusing on research pertaining to prominent and popular topics of business such as I.T. and finance, attendees of our training courses will be provided with significant opportunities to attain a strong grasp of business-oriented English. 

As well as this, our training course on Business English Skills is designed to facilitate a higher standard of English communication in other circumstances, such as presentational skills and socialisation. The English language is unquestionably one of the most fundamental and important languages for business in the world, and is a must-know for any aspiring or prospective professional to learn and utilise to a high standard. Our training courses are the perfect way to acquire and hone this essential tool, in order to further excel within the field of business.




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