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In this section , we add our latest Human Resources articles.These articles are written by our valuable and knowledgeable instructors and authors .

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Competency Based Management

Competencies are fundamental aspects for both employees within a workplace, and the managers in charge of said employees’ area of work. For the professionals working as employees within a company or organisation, their respective competencies denote the abilities and capabilities that they have in regards to performing certain tasks or work. For management, taking note of a respective employee’s competencies and utilising them to the fullest extent possible allows for increased productivity and

Advanced Human Resources Management

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of any organisation, one of the most important departments has always been, The Human Resources, also commonly referred to as HR. Those that work within an organisation’s HR departments often partake in an assortment of different roles, and are also generally responsible for managing some of the most important aspects regarding a respective employee’s presence in the organisation. In our courses for Advanced Human Resources Management, we provide traini

Competencies – Design, Development and Implementation

Within the field of human relations, there are a number of qualities that are absolutely essential for one to be able to perform their role effectively. Possessing these traits ensures that one is the most qualified for their respective job that they can be, while also meeting the needs and desires that their respective company or organisation maintains. These qualities are often referred to as competencies, and work as the benchmark by which many different job interviews and employee assessment

Compensation and Benefits Administrator

Within any HR department of a company or organisation, one of the most crucial roles is that of the compensation and benefits administrator. Organisations and companies are expected to reward their respective employees for the work they engage in, so as to encourage as much motivation as possible within the workplace and provide workers with an incentive to continue working as hard as they have been. These rewards typically exist in the form of compensation and benefits. Thus, the role of the co

Advanced Selection, Recruitment and Interviewing Skills

When it comes to the management of an organisation or business, selecting the best prospective employees is absolutely vital to that organisation’s success. Choosing the potential candidates with the most essential skills will allow one to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their organisation’s workflow, thereby increasing the overall value of the organisation itself. In order to do this, it is essential for professionals to use the best interviewing and recruitment process possible.

Advanced Employee Relations

When it comes to having a position of leadership within an organisation or company, one of the most important things that any leader must be mindful of, is their relationship with other employees. Maintaining a healthy and positive relation with an employee can not only allow for a positive atmosphere around the workplace, but is also a powerful tool for ensuring that workflow within the company is optimal and to a high standard. Thus, employee relations can be said to be one of the most importa
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