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In this section , we add our latest leadership and management articles.These articles are written by our valuable and knowledgeable instructors and authors .

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Business English Skills

Within professional environments such as one’s place of work, communication skills are an indispensable tool for both success and progression. Alongside this, global markets and businesses are becoming more prevalent throughout every corner of the world, with many different companies and organisations needing to increase their communicative abilities in order to successfully do business with other professionals.  With English being one of the most prominent languages for business on the pla

Business Analysis Within a Project Environment

Within contemporary professional environments, both business practices and ideologies are significantly likely to undergo any shifts necessary to ensure that demands within the field of business are met. In this area of rapid development and change, business analysts perform the role of identifying how these changes reflect the needs of a respective business, as well as working with members of a company or organisation on solutions for any problems that may exist, and how to improve business ope

Achieving Leadership Success through People and Innovation

When it comes to working in a substantial role at an organisation, strong leadership qualities can be considered as some of the most vital tools to effectively performing one’s purpose. As a leader, it is of utmost importance to be able to form strong working relationships with both employees and managers alike, while also striving to provide the best guidance and direction possible for those that require it. The ability to motivate, think strategically and be proactive are essential traits of a

Building Task Leadership Skills

When working on tasks as part of one’s work within an organisation or company, it is important to both possess and demonstrate and build the leadership skills necessary for completing said tasks to a high standard. Effective communication strategies are important for allowing individuals to work well with other members of their team, as well as for establishing a strong working relationship with senior members of management. On top of this, it is vital for individuals to partake in building and
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